Sam Houston Boyhood Home- 1807

Three miles north stood the house to which Mrs. Elizabeth Paxton Houston, upon the death of her husband, brought her nine children from Rockbridge County, Virginia, in 1807. Her most famous son lived here until 1813 when he joined the Army. 

Hiwassee Island- 1807

Sam Houston ran off to Hiwassee Island to live with the Cherokee, John Jolly, and the Rogers family who he came to know in Maryville in 1807.


In 1811, Sam Houston was a clerk at a store in Kingston working for Mr. Sheffy.  His skills in the Cherokee language were useful near the border of the Cherokee nation.

Schoolhouse, Maryville, Tennessee-1812

Sam Houston taught at this one-room log cabin in 1812. Houston was 18 when he took the job as teacher to pupils from age six to 60 during a term that begun after corn planting in the spring and lasting until harvest and cold weather in the fall. Tuition at that time was $8.00 a term, payable 1/3 in corn, 1/3 in calico and 1/3 in cash.

Porter Academy of Maryville -1812

Sam returned to Porter Academy as a student but never had much luck at the Academy.  Dr. Isaac Anderson, the head teacher, said Sam Houston was the most provoking student he ever had. Dr. Issac Anderson went on to found Maryville College.

Enlists in the Army - War of 1812

March 1813, Sam Houston enlists in the Army as a private.  He was a hero of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend where he would meet Andrew Jackson. His service would continue until he resigned as a first lieutenant in 1818.

Sub-Agent to Cherokee Agency-1817

In September 1817, Sam Houston was appointed as Sub-Agent to the Cherokee Agency on the Hiwassee.  During his tenure, he helped negotiate treaties and aid to the Cherokee near the island where he lived as a boy.

Law in Lebanon-1818

Sam Houston Law Office

After studying law for 6 months under Judge Trimble in Nashville, Sam Houston opened a law office in Lebanon.  It is said that he met Eliza Allen, his future wife, at the home of Drake just outside the town.

Nashivlle, Tennesse

Sam Houston 1826

From Nashville, Sam Houston served terms as District Attorney, Major General of the Militia, U.S. Representative, as well as Governor of Tennessee in the period from 1821-1829.  He would often journey here to visit Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage as well.